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Thousands of refugees and asylum seekers in the UK are at risk of becoming isolated and lonely because they live in poverty.

Focuses on raising awareness through educating the community about the different types of disasters that we may encounter while living in the Cayman Islands, from hurricanes and flooding, to earthquakes, fires and crime.

Volunteers are key players in disseminating DP information to the community through assessments, assistance in creating family disaster plans, community sessions, and making radio and television appearances.

Because most refugees and asylum seekers are only too grateful to be in a place where they are safe, they often don’t talk about being lonely.”Alex FraserDirector of refugee support at the British Red Cross

Disaster Response (DR), as the name implies, focuses on assisting the members of the community who were affected by a disaster. Whether it is helping one family that was most affected by a localized house fire or an entire nation recovering from a category 5 hurricane, the DR programme is there to ensure that adequate help is available to the most vulnerable in our community.

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Volunteers for the disaster programme are trained in CPR/First Aid/AED, as well as pre and post disaster assessments, logistics, communications, shelter management, and psychological support. In 2009 the CIRC trained its first group of National Intervention Team members, an intensive regional Red Cross training programme which provides more
in depth information.

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Get trained

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